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About Us

Welcome To Nola Brew Bus!

Join us for a world-class experience, where New Orleans locals and tourists discover the booming Craft Beer scene.

New Orleans may have been late to the craft beer party, but over the past few years, several new breweries expanded our local brew culture! We are ecstatic for New Orleans growing Craft Beer diversity and expect a growing trend of 2-3 breweries opening per year, over the coming decade.

Kick back, relax, and let us host your Big Easy Adventure.

NOLA Brew Bus Founder, Matt Marsiglia: “New Orleans is a world-class city just now entering the prime of America’s craft beer explosion. We have the opportunity to join the likes of Denver, Portland, Seattle, etc. as the next elite craft beer city.

NOLA Brew Bus was opened to help promote this new chapter in our rich history, and we are excited to provide you the same tour experience you have in the French Quarter but make it beer-centric traveling into our various neighborhoods outside the Quarter.

In New Orleans, when we put our heart and soul into our passions, we are world-class in everything we do. We may be a few years late to the craft beer party, but New Orleans is here to show you that craft beer is now our niche. There is a reason why 10+ million tourists and conventions visit our intimate city of 400,000 people on an annual basis. We do it right.”

Meet Jesse Lynn Marsiglia, NOLA Brew Bus Co-Owner: After selling off her businesses in 2014, Barry jumped in her pickup truck January 2015 with her pup to find the missing pieces of writing Ignoring Ignorance.

On the road, she followed the magical call towards the Big Easy. Barry says, “Here in New Orleans, I was able to finally find a home. Eventually, I crossed paths with Matt, and from there our vision grew exponentially. We are wicked excited to stir-up some XYZ NOLA Shenanigans together. Stay Tuned…”

To learn more about our tours and services we offer, please check out our Tours, read our FAQs or email us.