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Brew Bus Shenanigans Ep 17

The Brut IPA

A New Style of Beer is Brewing in America & New Orleans and it’s the Brut IPA. 

Check out the full interviews and transcript below:

Camera, and action. What’s up y’all, this is Alex, new head brewer Urban South, congrats Alex!

Alright, Robert, what’s up man, how’s it going? We’re here with Robert, owner of Brieux Carre Hey, hey, hey, hey. Tell us about the Brut IPA, what is it, what can you expect out of it, and what’s it taste like? We’re gonna talk a little bit about Brut IPAs [Interviewer] Evan, you describe what a Brut IPA is. Brut IPAs are a new style of beer in New Orleans.

What’s fun about the Brut right now is that it’s so new, that there really aren’t any rules to it.

Right now it’s not very defined, it started off in California, the idea was to recreate an IPA in the form of a Brut champagne.

A derivative of the IPA movement, it’s a lot dryer than your normal IPA, especially the New England IPA. Almost the antithesis of that. So it’s bone dry, not a lot of malt complexity. Just enough sweetness to carry, and balance the hops out.

The idea is to make a super dry beer with a lot of aromatic hops, almost like New England IPAs, but instead of the Hays Queries it’s very clear and you still get that juicy aroma and flavor, except it’s very dry on the palette.

The idea is to drop the sugars down to where a champagne would normally be.

Ours is citrus-forward, and nice and bright. Highly carbonated.

It’s a funny take on IPAs.

And so what’s really nice about it is that it has that really dry, bright look to it. So it drinks like champagne but it’s still beer. It’s a lot of fun.

How would you describe the Brut IPA versus the aging trend that you’ve just kind of talked about a little bit?

Yeah, I think it’s… I think people were getting a little tired of the sweet, big full-bodied, truly IPAs, and it was kind of the answer from the West Coast again, get some of that steam back.

This one it’s all centennial. And to me, centennial’s got a big grapefruit flavor and aroma to it. So with the dryness of it, with the carbonation in it, and the centennial hops, I think it tastes like a grapefruit spritzer. And that’s why I like that a little more than like the hop topped-up IPA version of it. Cause this is like an everyday crusher.

So every time a new self-proposed style comes out, like a Brut IPA came out of nowhere for a little bit, it’s always fun to experiment with. You don’t know what you’re going to like until you try it.

Brut IPA to me is kinda like what Alex was talking about, it’s a lighter body IPA. You really let the hops do the work in this one. This body’s a little bit thinner, it’s crisp, really crisp, really enjoyable. I could probably drink like 10 of these.