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New Orleans 2019 Brewery Guide VLOG

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Brew Bus Shenanigans Episode 28

We’re back with another episode of Brew Bus Shenanigans. For this video, we spent an afternoon drinking lots of weird beers at 6 local Big Easy Breweries:

  • Parleaux Beer Lab
  • Brieux Carre Brewing
  • Urban South Brewing
  • NOLA Brewing
  • Miel Brewery & Taproom
  • Port Orleans Brewing

Full Transcript:

– So we’re about to do our own New Orleans brew tour guide. And we live in a really weird city, with lots of weird, cool people. And we’re about to show you why our beer scene is also really weird. So, first up today is Parleaux Beer Lab in the Bywater, probably one of the funkiest neighborhoods in America.

– Cheers!

– Let’s check it out.

– Action!

– The Brew Bus crew.

– [Cameraman] No, action.

– The Brew bus crew has got their beers at Parleaux Beer Lab. This one here is a Tequila aged Kolsch. You never see these. 7.2% This is a Pinot Noir aged Saison, aged in boysenberry. Wow!

– Was that good?

– It’s so good. They sell these in 750 mL bottles. If you like wine, but don’t like beer, you need to try this because you’re gonna like beer after this. This is the double dry hop foggy glasses. This is the first interpretation of a hazy IPA. For their two year anniversary they double-dry hopped it and this is everything you want in a classic hazy IPA. It’s got a lot of citrus notes in it. It’s very smooth, it’s not hot at all. Tastes like it’s supposed to taste and it’s delicious.

– I rode over here with the sunshine dreams. No, sunshiney dreams.

– Barrel aged sour with satsuma and tangerines.

– Well right now it’s not sunny, but I brought the sunshiney daydreams over here with Parleaux’s barrel aged satsuma and tangerine. It is delicious. Sour I got going on, puckering my lips.

– You’re probably one of like, one of the weirdest brewers here in the city.

– Yeah, so, I’m Robert. I’m with Brieux Carre. We tend to be the jack of all trades and the master of only some. As far as breweries go, we tend to put a lot of weird ingredients in a lot of our stuff. I think we’re the only brewery that’s used fenugreek seeds. It’s really weird. They’re usually used in a lot of Indian cuisine. So we put that in some of our barrel-aged beers. We’ve got oyster mushrooms, kinda following along with Jester King. One of our newest beers that’s getting ready to come out would be a blonde stout made with over 400 moon pies.

– 400 moon pies?!

– Each beer is actually gonna be about 60 calories more because of the moon pies.

– Basically, wear that bikini and drink yourself a moon pie. Just gotta rock it.

– I have my bikini.

– Just gotta rock it!

– Yeah

– Five weirdest beer names. I’ll go first. My Tart Will Go On.

– The Albino Linguini.

– Heads Shoulders Neipa Toes.

– Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Smoke Wheat Everyday.

– Pomeranian Fight Club.

– [Voiceover] Aha! Woo!

– I’m pretty sure this is brewery three. And we’ve had 25 ounces of beer, and we’re already feeling it, so.

– [Woman] Not real sure.

– 25?

– All right guys, we’ve just made it to Urban South Brewery. These guys are the largest brewery in New Orleans. They’ve only been open for a little more than three years and they’re already producing more than 15,000 barrels of beer a year. So, the Holy Roller IPA is one of their flagship IPAs. Super delicious, super juicy, much like an east coast, very hazy. They just had their dad’s IPA come out with a hit. We’re doing a new beer at NOLA Brew bus called Peels on the Bus. It’s gonna be a blood orange, hazy IPA, clocking in at about six percent. we’ve already tasted it, it’s delicious. If you love the hazy east coast goodness, you gotta come to Urban South in New Orleans. They are all about the hazy IPA. ♪ Ah ♪ ♪ Bae ♪ ♪ Ah ♪ This is the fourth brewery today. I’m losing count now already. We’re NOLA Brewery, bringing you the OG brewers in New Orleans. They’ve been around for 10 years. They just had their 10th anniversary. They’re the craft beer pioneers. First brewery opened after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Also, their sour program is elite. If you’ve ever been to Crooked Stave in Denver or if you’ve ever been to Cascade in Portland, their sours are elite as well. NOLA’s been brewing sours before they were even cool. They’ve made more than 150 sours for the last four years. But if you like your sours aggressive, where they really like, they bite the back of your cheeks sour. I’m talkin’ like put a Warhead in your mouth sour, NOLA’s the place for you. One of the most weird beers in the city is the Boil Advisory where they actually have a crab bowl of seeds sitting in the fermentor. Smells just like a Louisiana crawfish boil, but tastes like a great tasting, easy drinking ale. You love crawfish and you love beer, this is the weird beer for you to get. This is also the space where they do their warehouse and live events. So this place fits about 800 to 1000 people total. So you’re talking about a legit festival type atmosphere in this brewery. They also do a festival every May. It’s a crawfish and beer festival and it really brings in huge crowds. It’s in between our Jazz fest weekends so really, if you’re looking for some awesome live music and you’re coming in for Jazz fest, NOLA brewing is one of the top places to go in the entire city. Much less the fact that they’re makin’ phenomenal beer. So, we’re hittin’ our fifth brewery and Matt’s a little sober.

– [Woman] Open the eyes!

– Miel opened up October 2018. They’ve been open for business for a few months now and been killing it. The head brewer Alex is Cicerone Certified, which is like the highest level of beer certification you can get, basically a Ph.D. in beer. So every beer that he’s made is amazing. So let’s go check out Miel brewing.

– All right guys, we’re at Miel Brewing, one of the newest, hottest breweries in New Orleans. Alex is the Cicerone Certified head brewer, one of the co-owners is his fiancee Janice. Everything you see, Janice, everything you taste, Alex. They make beers that are so weird, you would not think they would even work, but when you try it, absolutely delicious. For example, these guys have made several candy beers. They’ve actually had 10 to 15 pounds of classic 90s candy, that we’re all used to loving. For example, the AK41, which was 10 pounds of airheads, Alvin Kamara’s, the Saints favorite player, his candy of choice. Beautiful cream ale. They also made a Candy Jack, which is 15 pounds of Sour Jack Watermelon candies, also beautiful. They’ve made a little niche in making these weird beers that nobody else is doing and they’re just coming out phenomenal. All right, my favorite part about beer making, adding hops. Miel brewery knows how to make a badass IPA as well. They’ve started a series called their Plant series. So they’ve made three hazy New England IPAs, already so far are the Calathea, the Monstera, and also the Ficus. All three of them are beautiful. They’ve made a triple IPA, a couple of single IPAs, but all the magic happens right here. So, between their sour beers, their goses, their IPAs, their Hefeweizens, their candy beers, Miel brews a beer for everybody in New Orleans.

– How we do it. ♪ Up ♪ ♪ Down ♪ ♪ Round ♪ ♪ Up ♪ ♪ Down ♪

– And I have the hiccups. This is Port Orleans Brewing, Zach Strief, former Saints player for 11 years, and we’re about to go drink some fantastic beers. Drew Brees actually had his 40th birthday party here. Very high-end brewery, probably the Cadillac of breweries as far as the taprooms are concerned. These guys specialize in the Latin lager ales, if you like your beers light coasters, this is the spot for you. They actually use horizontal fermentors, to ferment their lagers. So they’re very delicious. Also, one of my favorite beers is the Gleason IPA. It’s five and a half percent of alcohol content, but it’s everything you want in a hazy IPA so let’s go drink some nice ones. The raspberry Slackwater’s legit.

– [Man] It is actually really good.

– It’s a raspberry brown ale. They put real raspberries in the fermenter. Really nice drinkin’ beer. Gleason IPA, oh yeah. Drinkin’ this all day. ♪ Up ♪ ♪ Down ♪