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NOLA Distillery Spotlight in Episode 25 of Brew Bus Shenanigans

NOLA Distillery is Now a Private Tour Option

NOLA Distillery conveniently located between Port Orleans and NOLA Brewing is now an option for our private tours.

Book a Private Tour online here:

Exchange one of your 5 tokens for a Hurricane Daiquiri made with their in-house Rum.

Learn more about New Orleans newest distillery in Episode 25 of Brew Bus Shenanigans. Cheers!

Here’s the full transcript of the video:

– All right, so we get a lot of requests for cocktails on our tours, we do predominantly brewery tours in NOLA Brew Bus but we’re now expanding our base to cocktails and we’re gonna head to our first stop at NOLA Distilling. Brand new distillery off Tchoupitoulas Street, brewery close to all the other breweries, let’s go check it out.

– All right guys, we’re here with Justin the manager of NOLA Distillery, one of the newest distilleries in New Orleans off Tchoupitoulas. We’ve now added these guys as one of our newest stops on the Brew Tour potentially, if you’re interested in that. We have a lot of people ask for cocktails on our tour, so this is now gonna fill that gap. Justin, do you wanna give us a little bit of overview of your distillery and what kind of cocktails you guys offer?

– Yes, absolutely. As most of you know, this used to be NOLA Distilling Company, now it’s NOLA Distillery Company, but we kept the past alive. So, we kept their sweet potato vodka, their pepper vodka, but we also added five more brands of vodka along with a gin, a whiskey, a bourbon, a beer whiskey. Yeah, we have several products coming out we’re very excited about and we’re gett’n distribution throughout the United States. All right, so right here we just pulled this down maybe two or three days ago, but it’s beer whiskey. This is gonna be a stout beer mixed with a premium whiskey. And it’s been aged, I believe, for a year and, a year and a half. Let me get this soaked up here. And that’s what beer whiskey looks like. So, we have I think ten to fifteen different cocktails on our menu. We’re about to get food into our distillery. I don’t know, we’re pretty excited about the future.

– [Woman] What’s your favorite drink?

– Oh my favorite drink . All right, so what I really like to do I like refreshing beverages, right so I like to mix our Hurricane and our Piña colada and add a shot of rum to it, and call it the NOLA Vice. But there’s also a drink that I really like have y’all ever had cucumber water?

– [Host] Yeah, love cucumber water.

– All right. So, I like to do, we call it the cucumber fizz and it’s cucumber, so it’s four triangles of cucumbers muddled with simple syrup, we add a splash of lime juice and then we add vodka to it, and you can choose any vodka, our sweet potato vodka, we have a Marty Gras vodka, it’s a special edition, and you know, sometimes the pepper vodka is good, it depends on the person, it’s New Orleans so everyone loves spicy. But, it’s very refreshing, you top it off with some soda water and, I don’t know, it’s just a good mid-afternoon drink that doesn’t get you over the top, but it gets you to where you wanna be.

– Nice. As part of the NOLA Brew Bus tour with you guys you’ll be able to exchange a token for a Hurricane Daiquiri made with locally distilled rum. What kind of rum is that, that you guys use for that Hurricane?

– Okay, so right now we’re using our NOLA clear rum and we also mix it up sometimes with our NOLA distillery rum, so that’s another rum that used to be with NOLA Distilling Company that we kept, but we also added another clear rum. and a lot of people like to add schoss to their Daiquiri, so we just came out with our new Pirates Co Dark Rum and it was aged for a year and a half I believe in Jack Daniel barrels.

– Nice.

– So it’s gonna have a distinct taste of that Jack Daniels, but it’s gonna be more it’s gonna be rum, it’s good.

– Very nice.

– It’s delicious, yeah.

– Very, nice. So, Justin, anything else you wanna add to share with the folks that have not been in NOLA Distillery yet that you may wanna convince them, I know you guys do craft cocktails as well, anything else you wanna throw in there?

– So, because we thrive on Louisiana Tradition, which is another line that we have, and our local people, we opened up a couple of months ago two three months ago, and we had a lot of locals that came in and they were just like die-hard fans of our stuff, so we actually can name a few cocktails after them.

– That’s fun.

– One being he’s actually became a friend of mine, his name’s Mark Halladay, but it’s called the Halladay and it’s rum, ginger, mint, and lime juice.

– Nice.

– It’s delicious, it’s refreshing, and it’s light.

– Well if you’re in New Orleans looking for a cocktail or your own locally produced rum, come to NOLA Distillery off Tchoupitoulas. It’s right in between Port Orleans and NOLA Brewing it’s the perfect middle ground stop. So next time you guys are looking for that cocktail instead of a beer, NOLA Distillery is your spot.