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8 Places to Purchase Craft Beer in New Orleans

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Best Craft Beer Stores in New Orleans

by Matt Marsiglia, NOLA Brew Bus Founder

Updated: 8/20/2018

New Orleans, once a place with 12-month old IPAs collecting dust, is slowly turning into the next American craft beer destination city. Breweries are booming with 10 breweries currently open, and several more scheduled.

With more locals and tourists diving into the craft beer scene, it’s only synonymous with grocery and beer stores also stepping up their game. NOLA Brew Bus divulges to you our top 8 spots in New Orleans where you can purchase the best local and regional craft beer. Happy Muling!

Elio’s Wine Warehouse

Located in close proximity to Tulane at 6205 S. Miro St., Elios has the easiest, most practical way to mule beer.

Let’s be honest, there is a heavy price to pay when it comes to beer muling. Even standing in line for the finest beer can get old fast.

Elios utilizes Facebook & Instagram to inform customers when all the newest arrivals hit the shelf. Not even Grandma knows before Elios’ Instagram.

NOLA Brew Bus believes in the ease of doing business. With information coming at us at lighting speed from every direction, the satisfaction knowing I never have to stress to find the best beer ranks Elios at the top.

There are no beer managers to call, no need to get put on a list, and best yet, no one knows when it’s available until the entire world knows.

Pro-tip: turn on notifications to find out the moment the beer you’ve been craving hits the shelves!

Elios acquires all the hard to find release beers, and, as a bonus, your small batch bourbons can also be purchased here.

Elios Kegs

Elios has the best keg selection in the city

Don’t sleep on the keg selection either as it’s also the best in the city with over 50 local, regional, and national favorites to choose from.

Even your frat star can enjoy a kegger of Yuengling with a feeling of confidence.

Don’t be fooled by the name Wine Warehouse. Elios delivers the best beer in the most efficient method in New Orleans.

Stein’s Market & Deli

Located Uptown at 2207 Magazine St. For many craaft beer aficionados, this could be an easy pick at number 1.

Stein’s in the Lower Garden DIstrict

Stein’s has been known as the craft beer connoisseur in New Orleans for years now, well before craft beer was popular in any American city, much less New Orleans.Stein’s started the craft beer trend before it was even a trend. They stock all the hard to find releases along with the biggest selections coming in the hard to find room in the back.

In addition to having a killer craft beer collection, you will also find a large selection of cured meats, salamis, and over 50 cheeses from around the world. Don’t sleep on their New York style bagels either.

Stein’s retail shelves are lined with a variety of specialty goods such as aged balsamic vinegars, oils, rice and pastas, salts, seasonings, loose-leaf teas, and coffee.

Stein’s a great spot to start your day on Magazine St. with a killer sandwich, craft beer, then head your way uptown for more shopping, bars & restaurants on the famous Magazine St.

Breaux Mart

Located on a very popular 3-block stretch of Magazine Street at 3233 Magazine St. in Uptown.

Breaux Mart on Magazine

Breaux Mart dubs themselves as “a locally owned and operated neighborhood supermarket serving the New Orleans communities for over 40 years, Breaux Mart has low prices, friendly service, fast checkouts and large variety.”

The beer man has put on a show in the past couple of years as their beer selection is also second to none. Breaux Mart has dedicated the entire far left hand isle to beer.

Some beer stores offer a ton of selection but sacrifice the quality. Breaux Mart is just the opposite. It’s saturated with the best beers available in the city.

Breaux Mart

An entire isle dedicated to beer at the local grocer Breaux Mart

For hard to find limited releases (i.e. – Parish Brewing Ghost in the Machine), you will need to ask someone at the counter, as they usually keep those off the shelf.Before purchasing your beer, walk across the street to a top craft beer bar, the Bulldog Uptown–great patio and locals hangout.


Multiple locations across New Orleans

Rouses on Tchoupitoulas

Rouses on Tchoupitoulas

Another locally owned grocery store, Rouses is the largest local grocery store chain in Louisiana.

From a pure volume perspective, these guys get more cases of craft beer than any place in New Orleans and all of Louisiana. All the stores do not have the same selection, buyer beware.The French Quarter Rouses is not ideal, go to #6 on our list if you are in the Quarter. The Mid-City and Uptown locations carry virtually every Louisiana beer available.

Sidney’s Wine Cellar 

Located in the heart of the French Quarter 917 Decatur St.

Now you can find stores with better craft beer selections, but Sidney’s must be included in the list from a pure convenience perspective.

Located just over a block from the famous Cafe du Monde and easily walking distance from a visiting tourist’s hotel, Sidney’s is a great spot to hop in and grab a to-go drink that will satisfy your palate.

It’s one of the few spots you can find craft beer at a reasonable price as a drink to-go.  This spot goes out to all the day-drinkers out there looking to roam the streets of the French Quarter with a solid beer in hand.

Craft Beer Cellar

Located right in the heart of Magazine Street at 2801 Magazine St., CBC just opened in April 2018.

The Newly Opened Craft Beer Cellar on Magazine Street

Craft Beer Cellar is part of a national chain that just expanded to New Orleans in April 2018. They have a large variety of local and national beers available for bulk purchase or an easy to go beer as you wander Magazine Street. They have kicked off with several tastings of local beers and carrying many specialty beers.

Rainbow Grocery

A small dive at the corner of Lyons and Magazine St, 4837 Magazine St.

The secret craft beer store no one knows about is Rainbow Grocery, we have found the highly sought after bottles of Goose Island BCBS collecting dust on the shelves a few months after the annual day after Thanksgiving release.

One of our favorite #nolashenanigans is to order breakfast at Surrey’s, walk one-block, purchase beer and have a great BYOB brunch.

Like we did here.

Robert’s Fresh Market

Locations in the Marigny, Lakeview, Uptown, and Metairie


Robert’s might not immediately seem like a top craft beer seller in the city with their wide array of cheeses and deli foods, but Robert’s has a surprisingly great selection.

A locally owned small grocery market, Robert’s is the perfect place to grab some snacks and brews for any occasion!

Our favorite of the 4 New Orleans markets is the location in the Marigny at 2222 St Claude Avenue, check it out today!

This rounds out our list of our favorite spots to purchase the best local beer we have to offer. Comment on Social Media or send us a message if you think we missed a spot! Cheers!Add NOLA Brew Bus on Facebook

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