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NOLA Distillery Spotlight in Episode 25 of Brew Bus Shenanigans

NOLA Distillery is Now a Private Tour Option NOLA Distillery conveniently located between Port Orleans and NOLA Brewing is now an option for our private tours. Book a Private Tour online here: Exchange one of your 5 tokens for a Hurricane Daiquiri made with their in-house Rum. Learn more about New Orleans newest distillery…

Where to Get Crawfish & Beer in New Orleans

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Crawfish and Beer in New Orleans! Local breweries are now making it easier than ever to plan your crawfish fix. With boils popping up every week in every direction, it’s nice to know the exact dates and times you can satisfy your crawfish needs. Let’s kick it off at Urban South. Urban South hosts a…

Parish Brewing & Other Half Brewing Collaborate…the Internet goes crazy

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Two IPAs sold out in 2 minutes Parish Brewing resides in small-town Broussard, located 2.5 hours west of New Orleans. They have become a household name for Louisiana craft beer lovers. Parish started the Louisiana IPA movement by brewing one of the best Double IPAs in the country, Ghost in the Machine. Find Ghost in…

Urban South Brewery Turned 3 Years Old!

Check Out Urban South’s Meteoric Rise in Popularity In March 2016, Urban South opened in New Orleans’ Irish Channel Neighborhood. By the end of the one-calendar year, they brewed 2,000 barrels of beer. Year 2, 6,000. Year 3, over 10,000. Year 4, they expect more than 15,000 barrels making them the 2nd or 3rd largest…

NOLA Brewing Turned 10 Years Old!

Brew Bus Shenanigans Episode 21 This Friday, February 15th at 6pm, you don’t want to miss out. This may be the best party at a brewery all year. See what the hype is all about plus plans for 2019 in our interview with NOLA Brewing’s President & COO, Dylan Lintern. Music & Video by Marsig

Royal Brewery in New Orleans East Spotlight

Brew Bus Shenanigans Episode 20 February 6, 2019 *Brewery Spotlight* New Orleans East Brewery, Royal Brewery has some new brews coming up in 2019. Raymond and Mandy Pumilia chat about their brewery, Dixie Brewing joining Club N.O. East, and the difference between a Black IPA & standard IPA.

Miel Brewery Brews a Candy Beer in Brew Bus Shenanigans Ep 19

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Miel Brewery Brews a Candy Beer January 25, 2019 The Alvin Kamara Airhead Xtreme beer by Miel Brewery & Taproom is 🔥 Check out the interview we did with Co-Owner & Head Brewer, Alex Peyroux. Alex chats about the “AK41”, his ability to get creative, and what beers are on deck.

Brew Bus Shenanigans Ep 18

Zach Strief smiling for the camera

Killer Weekend for New Orleans Breweries! January 10, 2018 -Urban South Brewery is releasing FIVE new brews including a hyped up Finial Double IPA & batch #3 of the popular Snoball Juice IPA (:24) -We chatted with Zach Strief at Port Orleans Brewing Company about the Tropical Gleason IPA releasing tomorrow and what the beer…

Brew Bus Shenanigans Ep 17

The Brut IPA A New Style of Beer is Brewing in America & New Orleans and it’s the Brut IPA.  Check out the full interviews and transcript below: Camera, and action. What’s up y’all, this is Alex, new head brewer Urban South, congrats Alex! Alright, Robert, what’s up man, how’s it going? We’re here with…

How to Survive Thanksgiving in New Orleans

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Bring the Entire Family or Escape the Madness By Brew Bus Staff, November 18, 2019 Thanksgiving, November 28, 2019 So, you’re visiting New Orleans for Thanksgiving this year? You’re in luck, the Crescent City is one of the best places to be for one of the best holidays of the year. With all our historic…