Brieux Carre Brewing Celebrates 1-Year of Beers

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The Marigny’s Only Brewery had an awesome Year 1

March 26th, 2018

We interviewed Robert, Founder of Brieux Carre and spoke about his first year in business in the Big Easy. Learn about Robert’s brewery plans for 2018 and what to expect for the big party this Saturday night.

Where: Brieux Carre

When: March 31, 11am to Midnight

Tickets: FREE event but pre-order your glasses here

Check out the full transcript of our interview below:

Matt: Hey, what’s up ya’ll, I’m Matt, founder of NOLA Brew Bus. We’ve got Robert, founder of Brieux Carre here.

Robert: What’s up you guys?

Matt: We’re here because it’s the big week, one year.

Robert: That’s it We’ve finally made it one year. Technically our one year is on April 1st, but since Easter got in the way of that we’re going to celebrate on March 31st.

Matt: And we’re here to talk about the big party, so, before we get into actually what’s going on tell us about the transgression you guys have made from day one when you had like three or four taps.

Now, you’ve got a badass beer garden, you’ve got 12 taps, you’ve got a crowler machine.

You’ve been through Jazz Fest, Mardis Gras, Voodoo, everything New Orleans has anything to offer right here on Frenchmen St. Tell us about the transgressions from the past year.

Robert: Yeah, so when we first started, we were all just home brewers that jumped up to a big system. So, with that the recipe development changed slightly, learning how to really keep the equipment clean, coming up with a consistent product was the biggest hurdle.

Definitely about six or seven months in, we started getting the hang of things. We started getting some new people on.

Charles from 40 Arpent; Grant from Second Line Brewing. We really got a culmination of solid brewers that all want to continue learning and continuing education.

The brewers are all there. We’re catching up, keeping stock of the cooler. It was hard keeping up those first few months. We kept running out of beer, but now we’re to the point where we’ll at least 10 or 12 beers any given day.

Matt: Well, for these guys that don’t know, this is the only brewery in the Marigny and they’re in the heart of really where our tourism center is–the French Quarter, Marigny into the Frenchmen Street area, so they get a lot of foot traffic here.

So, tell us about the 65 beers you guys have made in the last year, 20 different styles. How are you guys going to top that in 2018?

Brieux Carre owner Robert giving a brew tour for NOLA Brew Bus.JPG

Robert: Yeah, so, everybody that works here, we don’t have a specific style that we all gravitate towards. We really like every type of beer.

Every single style has their own unique qualities that you won’t get unless you go all across the board.

Being that we’re in this hub next to one of the largest touristy areas in the city, we get a lot of people from out of town who don’t necessarily like the New England style IPAs, they don’t like Blonde Ales, they don’t like Ambers.

So we try to have something all across the board where everybody that comes here will have something to pick. So it always keeps it interesting. Always have to play with new recipes.

Now that we have more brewers, we’re looking to add more tanks. Definitely a lot more of our pilot systems tanks, so we can continue turning out stuff.

We even got a funky tank back there now, just for one barrel of sours.

Our one year anniversary will actually have 21 different beers on tap. Including a couple of cask ales a couple of barrel aged beers.

Matt: Why don’t we get into that. Usually, you only have 12 taps. So, now you have 21 for the party. Tell us a couple of brews we haven’t heard of yet that we’re going to taste this weekend.

Robert: So, some of our more popular beers lately are New England styles.

We have Trust Me, It’s Worth The Parking, which is a regular New England IPA, dry hopped heavily with Idaho 7 hops.

Brieux Carre Brewing's Trust me it's worth the parking

Then, we made Dad Jokes, which is the double version super high alcohol, really easy drinking New England (IPA) dry hopped with Vic Secret Pekko hops.

And since we did Dad Jokes, we needed to do a mom beer. So, we came up with Mom Jeans. That’s going to be the triple IPA release.

That clocks in at 10.6%. We actually have two cask versions of that beer, one on papaya and guava. The other would be dragonfruit and mango.

Matt: Wow, that’s going to be nice.

Speaking of these cool names, the cool part about Brieux Carre is they actually name their beers the way they actually make it. Trust Me, It’s Worth the Parking is one of my favorites. I also like, My Tart Will Go On, which is a raspberry sour, is that right?

Robert: Yeah, that’s right.

Matt: a Celine Dion (parody), so tell us about how that concept came about, how you guys name your beers? What’s your favorite one that you’ve made?

Robert: So, everybody always complains that, all of the good puns are taken. So, really now, just name a beer anything as long as it sparks interest

For awhile, we had a beer, it was a saison aged with uh… Muscadine grapes, and so, we named the beer, Stacey.

Because we had run out of names for a second so the beer was ready to be served, and so at the last second I just named it a human name.

So, we had a sign outside that that said, hey, come on inside and say hello to Stacey. and we were sold out of beer really quick just because people were coming in just to say hey to Stacey.


Matt: That’s funny, hey, whatever works, ya know?

A NOLA Brew Bus Tour enjoying the view at Brieux Carre

Matt:  So, the party is going to be this Saturday, March 31st. Doors open at 11 a.m., then, you go all the way to midnight, right? –

Robert: Yeah, we’ll stay open until, man, honestly until it’s hard to kick people out, we’ll have 21 different beers. Cask ales spread out throughout the day.

Specialty beers that we have saved from past brews. We’ll start bringing those back. We’ll have a full bar up here.

The back will have eight taps and a beer garden. So, it’ll actually take over the parking lot next door.

And then across the street, Downtown Tattoo is letting us use their courtyard, as well. So, we’ll have a whole other spot where people can hang out.

Matt: Oh, wow.

Robert: Multiple food vendors throughout the day.

Matt: Big ole party.

Robert: Yeah, we’ll definitely stray away from being the cramped group everybody’s used to and we’ll have like four times more space on that day.

Matt: Well Robert, it’s very appreciated, man. – Yeah, definitely.

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