21 Bars and Breweries to Share Craft Beer with Man’s Best Friend

Dog Friendly Bars and Breweries in New Orleans

by Matt Marsiglia, NOLA Brew Bus Founder

Updated: August 6, 2018

New Orleans is a dog city, no doubt. Walking man’s best friend on a gorgeous afternoon on Magazine Street is meditation in and of itself.

Did y’all know almost all our breweries are dog-friendly? So are many of our bars, even the ones that serve food.

Mid-City is probably the most popular neighborhood with dog-friendly spots, but our list will show you a great spot in any neighborhood.

Jake the Dorkie at Henry’s

Unfortunately, not all of them have the best beer selection. Let’s take a deep dive at some of the #brewbusjams we like to spend an afternoon with our favorite local craft beer and our little furry friends. In no particular order, here’s the full list:

1. The Rusty Nail

Tucked away at 1100 Constance St., Rusty Nail has been a dog-favorite bar for years. The outdoor space is one of the largest in the city. The locals love it here, especially the happy hour with ½ off almost all bottles of wine every weekday, with extended happy hour on Friday from 2-7!

The craft beer options have also improved greatly over the years. Whether you’re a HopHead or a Stout lover, you can find a beer to match your palate. The good folks here also own Cooter Brown’s, home to one of the best craft beer options in the city (no dogs there though).

Ginga the Ninja at The Rusty Nail

2. Rendezvous

A local dive bar at 3101 Magazine St., Rendezous is dog friendly inside & outside. Dogs come here often so be prepared to exchange a few sniffs and scratches during your time here.

3. 12 Mile Limit

Located at 500 S. Telemachus St., a Mid-City locals spot that serves free food on Mondays. So, kick back, grab a beer, and eat and live merry with your dog by your side.

4. Brieux Carre Brewing

The Marigny’s first ever brewery, conveniently located just a block off Frenchmen Street at 2115 Decatur St., is also a perfect spot for man’s best friend. This quaint, 1,500 square foot brewery offers 16 rotating taps of badass beer.

The patio has several large picnic tables with jazz music playing in the background straight from Frenchmen Street and giant Jenga–what more do you need?

Learn more about this new brewery and Parleaux Beer Lab from our blog post: Two Much Needed Breweries Arrive in the Marigny & Bywater neighborhoods

Brieux Carre’s mascot, Barley!

5. Dat Dog

Dat Dog boasts three locations in the city, but the one Uptown on 3336 Magazine Street has the best outdoor space which in and of itself is bigger than some bars. From a craft beer perspective, they’ve got you covered. Multiple local taps with some delicious dogs and fries to match. They also host an art market every Friday and Saturday.

6. Urban South Brewery

At 1645 Tchoupitoulas Street in the Lower Garden District, Urban South is basically a dog playground. The huge layout gives dogs plenty of space to party. Bowls of water are plentiful too.

This Brewery opened in March 2016, yet they are already the second leading distributor in the city behind NOLA who opened 6 years prior. We recommend the Grapefruit Holy Roller IPA, which is better than the popular Sculpin version out of San Diego.

At Urban South

7. Mid-City Yacht Club

Dogs are welcome outside at this popular Mid-City destination tucked away at 440 S. St. Patrick Street. The back patio is beautiful and a great spot to catch a sports game. The bar gets busy, but it does not retract from dog lovers wanting to provide their puppy with love all around.

8. Bulldog Uptown

While our furry friends are not allowed inside the bar at 3236 Magazine Street, bring your dog out to the back patio for all the fun. The patio can be a tight fit at times since Bulldog is so popular, but the dogs are always plentiful and enjoy their time. Fresh water put out daily!

At The Bulldog Uptown

9. Bulldog Mid-City

Nestled between three famous cemeteries at 5135 Canal Blvd, this patio is actually larger than the Uptown version, so your wooly friend will have a lot more room to feel at home. The beer tastes the same, and the view is just as nice too.

10. Second Line Brewing

At 433 N. Bernadotte Street, dog friendly, kid friendly, & beer friendly.

PYOW, pour your own water, makes this Mid-City Brewery welcome for dogs all sizes. 80% of the space is outdoors as well, so kick back and enjoy the weather. We recommend the Russian Imperial Stout or Route 47 Red IPA.

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11. Courtyard Brewery

At 1020 Erato St., the first nano-brewery in New Orleans with 32 taps and of course, a huge outdoor courtyard, creates an experience all dogs will love. Plenty of shrubs and bushes to pee on the outskirts of the building.

Courtyard Brewery in the Lower Garden District

12. Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar

Located in the Warehouse District, Lucy’s has their own dog menu and serves up really nice cocktails.

This is a late night spot to keep the party going into the wee hours, so bring your dog by while the sun is still out.

13. Parleaux Beer Lab

Parleaux opened in April 2017 as the first ever Bywater brewery, at 634 Lesseps St. and boasts an 8,000 square foot patio, perfect for big crowds and man’s best friend. With 12 taps straight from the source, you will be sure to find a beer you love.

Parleaux Beer Lab in the Bywater

14. Tchoup Yard

At 405 Third St., this Beer Garden of Tchoupitoulas owned by the popular late night college hangout, F&M’s, is pretty much an entire block of New Orleans dedicated to beer, hangouts, and dogs.

The craft selection is not top notch, but you can find something to please your palate. We recommend their frozen drinks! Leave the dog at home when the sun goes down as this place gets really rowdy.

Important note: be sure your dog has a Rabies Tag or she won’t be able to drink a brew with you.

15. Le Bon Temps

Centrally located Uptown on 4801 Magazine St, Le Bon Temps is another local’s favorite dive bar that has really stepped up their craft beer game in the past couple of years. Now, with 8 local drafts on tap along with numerous bottles and cans, you will have plenty of craft beer to choose from.

The bar is 95% indoors with a couple of wooden benches to sit outside with your smoke buddy and let your little man relieve himself. Dogs are in here nightly, so this is certainly a place to entertain your pup.

Jake the Dorkie enjoying a Bloody Mary at Le Bon Temps

16. Bayou Beer Garden

326 N. Jefferson Davis Pkwy, another spot that welcomes your furry friend, but again, this is a day drinking spot. On a weekend night, it’s hard to navigate the crowd for a craft beer much less have your dog within your vicinity.

Given the name of the establishment, the beer selection is not the best in the city, but there are plenty of options to keep even a beer snob satisfied. They also have occasional craft beer events such as the Parish Taproom Takeover which was very successful. Stay tuned for those on our Craft Beer Events Page. If for some reason you are crazy and prefer wine, the adjoining wine garden is also a great spot for your pup!

17. Finn McCool’s

Located in Mid-City at 3701 Banks St., is your number one spot in the city to catch any soccer. Or drink a craft beer. Or hang out with your best hairy pal. Mostly locals too.

Our Tour Guide, Natalie’s dog, Sal, at Finn McCool’s

18. Ale on Oak

8124 Oak St., one of the few craft beer spots in Carrollton, this spot delivers for all dogs. Water out routinely with a back patio that fits plenty of our friends. Ale on Oak also will receive kegs that the other best beer bars in town receive such as Ghost in the Machine or Founder’s KBS.

Ale on Oak

19. Henry’s

A local’s favorite Uptown dive bar at 5101 Magazine St. has been dog friendly for years. It was not until a few months ago that you could also enjoy a cold craft beer. They have 50+ bottled beers and several taps.

20. Avenue Pub (Back Patio Only)

Located at 1732 St Charles Avenue, the so-named Avenue Pub is one of the best beer bars in the city! Don’t believe us? Check out all of their press here. With over 40 beers on tap, Avenue Pub is a must! Bring your pup(s) along, they just have to stay in the back patio area. Fun bonus, Avenue Pub is open 24/7 for your late-night or early-morning drinking pleasure.

21. NOLA Brewing

At the intersection of 7th Street and Tchoupitoulas Street you’ll find NOLA Brewing, the city’s oldest brewery and taproom. Bring your doggo and drink some of New Orleans’ best beer. NOLA offers 24 taps, McClure’s BBQ, and a rooftop patio.

Ginga at Henry’s Uptown

That rounds out our list.. While New Orleans has always been a dog city, as you can see, we now have a multitude of places to drink solid beer while hanging out with our best bud!

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