The Fatty Rewind, May Edition

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Weekend in Biloxi

By arseinclarse

I had a weekend getaway with some old rugby baws. We dominated the food, booze and pools. I paid for it on Monday, thus the delay in this blog. I apologize for the delay due to my inability to perform.

After lunch on Friday, I rolled out of the office to head to the IP Casino. We had rooms at the Beau on Saturday and Sunday, but had to book there since ZZ Top was playing at the Beau. I was pissed I didn’t find this out until we arrived.

Upon entry to the IP, we were greeted with a free Foreman Grill. I sold mine to some old lady for $5. She seemed happy with the bargain purchase. After the transaction, I walked onto the floor to find one of my buddies who was already at the 4 card table. He was up a few hundred so we shut it down and headed to the room to grab some drinks. I threw on my fancy drinking mug and headed back to the floor before dinner. si4qwyu

After a few rounds, we headed to Mary Mahoney’s for dinner. I grabbed some old fashioneds and some claws (fried and broiled). I usually hate fried claws, but these were delicious. I’d go back just for them.


On the walk to the dining room, I noticed a familiar family on the wall. If Archie likes this place, it must be good.


I started the meal with fried green tomatoes and escargot. Both were phenomenal. I didn’t eat any bread with the escargot. I’ve been trying to cut back on the carbs.


For the main course, I ordered stuffed snapper w/ crawfish etouffe and a side of fried shrimp. Everything was very good. I found the etouffe a little sweet, and I didn’t eat the pasta that was underneath it. Pasta and etoufee seems very weird to me.


After dinner, we returned to the casino to drink the shitty drinks on the floor and play the tables. I was losing a ton on roulette. It’s the only game that I like playing.

Around 4 am, I headed back to the room to see what the baws were up to. I grabbed them a few Jimmy Dean biscuits from some stand to help absorb some of the liquor. It wasn’t bad, but at $15 for 3 sandwiches was ridiculous. I could have bought 5 boxes in the store.


Around 8:30 I awoke to get some pool time in. Before heading to the pool, I enjoyed the beautiful view of the bay from our room and some apple pie shine. The shine was better than the view.


We then headed to the pool. The sun came out briefly, but it was enough to burn me. Wear your sunscreen kids.


Around 11, we decided to head to the Beau. But before we could leave, we got to witness one of Mississippi’s finest argue with security about them shutting down his cannonballs. He was pretty wasted and claimed he spent $10,000 in the casino the night prior. Dude was such a baller, he snuck his own drinks down.

After we checked in, we left to go get some grub. We ended up at the Fillin’ Station. It’s an old gas station that was converted to a restaurant/bar. They were boiling crawfish. I usually don’t eat crawfish outside of Louisiana, but the cook brought us a sample. He knew what he was doing. I ordered 3 lbs and some oysters. The oysters was very salty.


I didn’t see anything that wow’d me on the menu so I just grabbed a few items to pick at. I went with debris fries, wings, and some crazy contraption of cheese, crawfish and sauce on bread. They were all decent. I’d go back to this space. I found it very relaxing sitting under the awning as it poured.


We then returned to the Beau. We spent several hours wading in the pool. Nothing more relaxing that chugging beers, walking around in a 4′ pool and pissing everywhere.

Around 5, we crossed the street to head to the Shuckers game. It was pouring. I grabbed a few Bud Lights and took shelter in the gift shop. They don’t have overhangs at the park, so any ceiling was good shelter.


After the rain delay, I grabbed three weenies and some nachos. My buddy only wanted a funnel cake and a float. I have to question his decisions.


My buddy couldn’t finish the cake, so he gave it to me. I’m not much a fan of funnel cakes, but with a little added nacho cheese they taste delicious.


After the 4th inning, the rains returned and the game was called. We went back to the Beau to watch LSU sweep State and gamble away. I recovered some of my losses from Friday, but was still behind. I think I passed out around 1.

The next morning my buddy had to head back to Nola early. We ran downstairs for breakfast at the little restaurant. I grabbed a seafood omelette, side of bacon, and a side of sausage. I must say the omelette was terrible. The crawfish tasted weird. And look at the shrimp. I think they just dumped frozen shrimp in boiling water w/o seasoning to prepare it. Get your shit together, Mississippi.


After breakfast, I returned to the room to pre-drink before the 1:00 Shuckers game. It was overcast, and we were waiting for the skies cleared up before walking over. We enjoyed some Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece. It was delicious.


We then walked to the stadium. I was pretty empty due to the weather. I ordered some weenies and dressed them with their many offerings. The ranch and relish combo was interesting. I also found someone selling doubles of Woodford. I was very happy.


Since the stadium was empty, we could sit wherever we wanted. I opted for the handicap section because of the size of the seating area. The mascot appreciates the sames things I do.


Around the 6th inning, the team asked me and my buddy to entertain the crowds with our dance moves. The dance off was on top of the dug out. They gave us some inflatable guitars to rock out with. Since it was Princess and Pirates day, we were dressed as pirates (the only ones in the stadium). I whooped my buddy’s ass with a cartwheel and between the legs shredding. He wasn’t pleased. Always dance last so you know what it takes to win. I won a free haircut and a t shirt!


After they shut the bars down, we walked over to the daiquiri shop. The bartender recognized my buddy from the night before. He was the only caucasian in the place. We still don’t know how or why he ended up in the shop. Any way, the bartender was friendly and she enjoyed my slow jams on the jukebox.


After a few rounds, we decided to hit the pool back up. We didn’t want to change, so we just took our shirts off and jump in the pool. We also grabbed a cabana since no one was out there.

Belly flop!

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After our dip, we headed up to shower before eating. On the way to the restaurant, we played some more roulette. The floor was packed.

For dinner, we went to Jia. We got a shit ton of sushi and pho. The sushi cook liked us and was sending over his favorites. The pho was good too. We paired our courses with sake and beer.


After dinner, we tried our luck on some craps. We didn’t do well. At the table, I met some family. They bought me some bourbon around 10 before heading off to bed.


On Monday, I got up to shit and shower before heading to work. The struggle was real yesterday, but I survived.