The Top 10 Breweries in America Making the Best IPAs

Happy National IPA Day 2017

by Matt Marsiglia

Did you know that roughly 34% of all craft beer sales are hoppy beers (IPAs & Pale Ales)? craft beer share by style

That’s right, IPAs have taken America by storm and that includes Louisiana. We are excited to announce a future blog where we highlight the top 20 hoppiest beers in our state.

These beers can be compared to the elite IPAs at a national level based on data from the well-respected BeerAdvocate. Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, here’s a snapshot of some of the hottest breweries making the best hops:

NOLA Brew Bus Ranks the Top 10 Hoppy Breweries

(in no particular order)

1. Treehouse Brewing Company

Charlton, Massachusetts

treehouse brewing

Top IPAs

  • Very Hazy
  • King JJJuliusss
  • King Julius
  • Doubleganger
  • JJJuliusss
  • Juice Machine
  • Very Green
  • Julius
  • Green

2. Maine Beer Company

Portland, Maine
maine lunch ipa

maine lunch ipa

Top IPAs

  • Dinner
  • Lunch
  • MO
  • Another One
  • Hop Program – Beer I

3. Tired Hands Brewing Company

Ardmore, Pennsylvania

tired hands Oblivex

Top IPAs

  • St.Oner
  • Extra Extra Knuckle
  • Oblivex
  • The Light That Spills Out Of The Hole In Your Head
  • Alien Church
  • Pineal

4. Trillium Brewing

Boston, MA


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Top IPAs

  • DDH Congress St. IPA
  • Headroom

5. The Alchemist Brewery

Stowe, Vermont
heady topper

One of the most popular beers in the world

Top IPAs

  • Heady Topper
  • Focal Banger

6. Hill Farmstead Brewery

Greensboro Bend, Vermont

hillstead farm brewery in vermont

Top IPAs

  • Society & Solitude
  • Abner
  • Double Galaxy
  • Double Citra

7. Russian River Brewing

Santa Rose, California

Russian River Brewing taproom

Top IPAs

  • Pliny the Elder
  • Pliny the Younger
  • Blind Pig IPA

8. Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Warren, Vermont

Sip of Sunshine IPA

Top IPAs

  • Triple Sunshine IPA
  • Double Sunshine IPA
  • Sip Of Sunshine

9. New England Brewing Co.

Woodbridge, Connecticut

new england Brewing Coriolis

Top IPAs

  • Fuzzy Baby Ducks IPA
  • Locust Reign
  • Double Fuzzy Baby Ducks
  • Coriolis
  • Super Supernaut
  • Supernaut IPA
  • G-Bot Double IPA
  • Galaxy Pale Ale

10. Other Half Brewing Company

Brooklyn, New York

Other Half Brewing IPA Brooklyn New York

Top IPAs

  • Double Dry Hopped Mylar Bags
  • Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic Dream
  • 3rd Anniversary Imperial IPA
  • Double Dry Hopped All Citra Everything
  • Mosaic IPA
  • All Green Everything

  BONUS Parish Brewing

Broussard, LA


Top IPAs

  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Envie
  • Double Dry Hopped Envie (multiple hop variations)
  • Opus Vert
  • Double Dry Hopped Opus Vert
  • 4XDHH
  • Bloom

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