Top 5 Most Underrated Beers in New Orleans Right Now

Wayward Owl Brewing's Bird Bath Pale Ale

5 Breweries, 5 Beers

by Matt Marsiglia, NOLA Brew Bus Founder
October 16, 2018

At the start of 2014, New Orleans was home to just one brewery: New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing Company.

Just 4 years later, it’s getting difficult just to keep up with all the amazing beers being manifested in this great city. With more than 100 beers to pick, here are 5 beers that may fly under the radar:

NOLA Brewing’s Darkest Before Dawn

photot credit: Untappd user: mhray83

This beer was first brewed in 2015, and it recently made it’s way back to the taproom and canning lines. It’s the perfect timing with Octoberfest given the beer is a German Dunkel.

For those not familiar, a Dunkel is a dark German lager known for it’s smooth, rich and complex flavors.

This particular style was brewed with German Munich malts and a small amount of caramel and dark roasted barley. You get a subtle chocolate flavor to go along with a creamy mouthfeel. This lager has no hint of hops so the malts are able to shine bright.

It’s an all-day crushable beer. Also, try the Tchouptoberfest which is the same beer with coffee added.

Brieux Carre Brewing’s Tree Treads Porter with Flambeaux Coffee

Brieux Carre has been putting out great Stouts & Porters since their inception in early 2017. Consider the Big Beautiful Malt, Pirate’s Alley, Santa’s Pants and Big Boy Pants–all fantastic brews.

This one is no exception, and you can only get it at the source as Brieux Carre does not offer distribution to retailers or local bars.

Tree Treads has flavors of chocolate, graham cracker, raisin, and fig which all play support for the copious amounts of toffee notes in this beer. This beer features soft and mild roast with a dry finish.

The Flambeaux coffee added creates the perfect aroma and upfront flavor for the beer. Go grab a 32-ounce Crowler to-go today!

Wayward Owl’s Double Dry Hopped Bird Bath Pale Ale

Wayward Owl Brewing's Bird Bath Pale Ale

We were super sad to see The GEM shut down its doors this month, but that does not mean you can’t get your hands on a Wayward Owl beer.

The brewery finished one final production run before they start the new journey of Gypsy Brewing aka contract brewing -OR- finding a new, more ideal location.

Consider that most New Orleanians enjoy their brews on the light side, the Bird Path Pale Ale clocks in at 4.8% ABV yet packs in a ton of hops and aroma. I would be interested in doing a blind side-by-side with this beer and Parish Envie & Tin Roof Voodoo–both known to local beer lovers as a top tier Pale Ale.

Regardless, you should be running to your local stores to get the final batch of Bird Bath before they are able to brew another one.

Urban South’s The Orleanian

It’s hard to consider any Urban South beer underrated considering the popularity of the taproom and same day beer release sellouts.

But, The Orleanian is a different story: an 8% ABV Sour wheat aged in white wine barrels on peach and apricot puree. Bottle conditioned with an in-house Brettanomyces culture. It’s a beer meant for drinking now or aging.

Sour wheat aged in white wine barrels on peach and apricot puree. Bottle conditioned with our house Brettanomyces culture.

photo credit: untappd user bigeasy13

This beer is super delicious and full of flavor. It’s also great for your beer cellar.

Surprisingly, there are still a few bottles left to be picked-up at the brewery. Urban South is also aging this beer for a second future release.

Port Orleans Brewing Peach Me, I’m Dreaming Ale

You may be surprised, but at least 50% of our tour guests are not actually beer nerds. Many of our guests are on vacation, and our tour is a great way to escape the madness of the French Quarter and Bourbon St. while also learning about America’s newest craft.

Port Orleans Peach Me I'm Dreaming Ale

Photo from Port Orleans Instagram

And this beer is always a hit with our guests. It’s a Fruit Beer but it’s subtle with a light to medium body. The beer itself is aged with fresh local peaches and dried ginger. It has a peachy nose with an ever so subtle ginger snap to add a complimentary flavor to the beer.

It’s not available for distribution, so you will need to stop by the brewery to try this one. It’s an all-day crusher, so grab a couple of Crowlers to-go and bring it to your next Saints Tailgate party.


Our beer scene is kicking ass and taking names, and there are a ton of great brews to be had. So, next time you are thinking about picking up that 12-pack of Yuengling, consider supporting a local option as we have more than enough to keep everyone’s palate happy.


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