Urban South Turns 2!

Brew Bus Shenanigans, Episode 3

March 28, 2017

We interviewed Jacob Landry, Founder and President of one of the hottest breweries in the south, Urban South. Learn more about what brews you’ll be able to take home for Saturday’s party including a couple of big-time collaborations with Aslin Beer & Whole Foods Houston. Also, see what’s in store for 2018.

Matt: What’s up, Jacob? What’s up? –

Jacob: Hey Matt.

Matt: I’m Matt, I’m the founder of NOLA Brew Bus. We’ve got Jacob here at Urban South, founder of Urban South.

We’re here to celebrate the two year anniversary. Congrats, two years. –

Jacob: Thanks.

Matt: You guys started here, year one, day one. They had, like, three or four taps, couple picnic tables. Now they got corn hole, basketball, 12 taps constantly. They got a trailer park in the background. Tell us about the transformation in the last two years. How it’s been so magical, and how you guys upgraded this place every weekend, it seems like.

Jacob: You know, we’ve been running since we started and haven’t slowed down since. We continually want to develop this into a third place for people to come and hang out and spend a lot of time.

It’s taken a lot of work. We continue to build a really strong team and every person that we add brings something to it, so a lot of the changes you see is the idea of someone who joined the team, between, you know, the two years ago and now.

Matt: In year one, these guys brewed 4,000 barrels of beer. And now, just 12 months later, they’re already at more than 10,000, right?

Jacob: Yeah, we’re brewing at that pace. We’re gonna finish our second year right at about 6,000 barrels.

And then I think the end of our third year we’re in striking distance of, maybe, doubling that again. So we’ve pretty much doubled every year since we’ve been open.

Matt: That’s pretty nice. What do you contribute to that growth?

Jacob: A ton of hustle It’s been incredibly hard, but I attribute it to, I think, first and foremost making great beer that people wanna drink.

Matt: Absolutely, yep. – We’ve continued to evolve to make sure we stay relevant with the beer styles that we’re making.

We launched an IPA at the right time, the right kind of IPA at the right time, which has really fueled a lot of that growth, with Holy Roller.

But we’ve kept up even with our seasonal programs and we’re about to re-release a Lime Cucumber Gose.

Matt: Our favorite, the Brew Bus’ favorite.

Jacob: Yeah, last summer we did it as taproom only, and we saw the success of it, so we’re really bullish on that beer.

And then this year’s, the big new release for earlier this year is Paradise Park.

Matt: Yep, that’s what we’re looking at right here, the Paradise Park trailer. That’s the everyday lager, for the everyday craft beer drinker.

Speaking of the beer, you guys got a bunch coming up for the party coming up for the party on March 31st. Me personally, I’m looking forward to the Houston collaboration with Whole Foods Houston. And you’ve also got one with Aslin beer in Virginia. –

Jacob: Yep.

Matt: Killing it with the beer right now. So, tell us about how you guys met, how you developed this relationship, and then get into the two beers you guys are making for the party.

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Jacob: Yeah, so, we try about once a quarter to take a trip somewhere else. So, sometimes it aligns with craft brewers conference, but sometimes we just pick a place and just go.

In August, Kyle (Vice President of Urban South) and I visited Houston. Spent a few days there, visited all the breweries there to see what was going on.

We met Dave at Whole Foods on that trip. Really liked the work he was doing. He’s a really cool, chill guy.

Same thing, Wes and Alex. Wes is our brew master, Alex is our R and D brewer. We all took a trip to D.C. and Richmond back in November this past year.

We met the Aslin guys on that trip. I think with both of those groups we just developed real camaraderie.

Matt: Same vibe, you know?

Jacob: Yeah, had a good vibe.

Matt: It’s pretty cool ’cause you’re both been around two to three years, young brewers, all kind of the same age, and they’re both brewing badass IPAs, to be honest.

People are saying that these are two of the top brewers in the nation, as far as IPAs are concerned. So I think that’s gonna be some fantastic beer coming up.

Let’s get to the party again. You guys got, can you touch a little bit more about the gose beers that you guys coming out.

Our favorite, the Cucumber Lime Gose.

We heard some rumors about some tequila barrels possibly for that beer.

And then also, tell us about the two new ones that are gonna be out for March 31st.

Jacob: Yeah, so we’ve got four tequila barrels in-house. They won’t be ready for the anniversary party, but

Matt: They’ll be coming soon.

Jacob: They will come soon. We’re gonna put some of that base gose in those, and then when they’re done aging, we’re gonna add the cucumber and lime to ’em.

Matt: Nice, that’s awesome.

Jacob: And then, for the anniversary party we will have two other versions of our gose. So we’re gonna put some blueberry and lemon in one of ’em.

Matt: My mouth’s watering right now. We just got a taste of the first batch of your two gose. It’s definitely improved. You wanna talk a little bit about the way you guys extracted that cucumber from the fruit, or from the vegetable?

Jacob: Yeah, we’ve got some good friends in town with an industrial juicer. And so, I think we did about 500 pounds of cucumbers in this batch.

urban south cucumber lime gose

Matt: It comes out really nice too, trust me.

Jacob: So it’s really fresh, really bright cucumber juice. Yeah, so it’s delicious.

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Matt: All right, so the party is March 31st, 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We’re expecting huge crowds all day. I’m not even sure how we’re gonna fit our Brew Bus customers in here, to be honest. So tell us what to expect, other than the awesome beers coming out.

Jacob: I think it’s gonna be our biggest single day ever. We’re gonna have some boiled crawfish, have two different food trucks. Gonna have three different live music acts. We’ve got The Tumbling Wheels, Andrew Duhon, and Reed Lightfoot playing.

Matt: Nice.

Jacob: And then we’ll have over 20 different beers on tap, including a ton of beer to go as well, in four-pack cans.

Matt: Sweet. You guys have been growing double digits here every year, how are you guys gonna continue that for year three? –

Jacob: I think Paradise Park’s gonna be a big part of that, and I think you’ll continue to see our taproom beer evolve. We’ve got a seven-barrel pilot system that we haven’t even brought online yet.

Matt: Oh, wow.

Jacob: And so we’re gonna continue pushing out special release beers that are only available here at the taproom, including refining our year-round portfolio of distributed beer.

Matt: Nice, that’s awesome. Well, that concludes our interview with Jacob. Appreciate you spending some time with us.

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